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The Summer of Paint

With summer coming to an abrupt close, I thought it might be a good time to give a little freeform rhubarb on how things have panned out over the past few months.

As if the lack of a summer holiday wasn’t depressing enough, I also added a decorating project that has encompassed pretty much the entire downstairs of my house.  It’s been an emotional ride of spiteful splinters, dust, endless sanding, more dust, a nasty tooth infection (unrelated to decorating, but just as harmful), and litres of emulsion – that for the most part has found its way onto the walls, the ceiling and in one instance, my best pair of grape smugglers.

Thankfully, most of the work is done and the finishing touches are being applied with all the skill displayed by Caitlyn Jenner’s make-up team.  With the right amount of luck, by the time Halloween rolls around I should be sat in a house that doesn’t feel like the set for the next Saw movie.  And with plans for a juicy holiday next year, my paint splattered despair is getting a nice dousing of white spirit.

It was a good summer for movies.  I was first in line on opening day for Jurassic World, which more than lived up to my expectations and bookended my opening day viewing of Jurassic Park (can you believe that was over 22 years ago!)

Myself and my son also caught the The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge Out of Water, and Minions, both of which were truly awesome and only highlighted my ability to watch absolutely anything… providing popcorn and Haribo are on sale in the foyer.

Looking ahead, Christmas is going to see a disturbance in the Force with the arrival of Star Wars: The Force Awakens.  Already hyped up the yin yang, this movie will have nerd juice all over it come December 18, and no doubt cause an intergalactic dent in my wallet.  Let’s be honest here, the horrendous amount of merchandise already on offer is the real reason why Disney bought the franchise.

‘Cher-ching does the till sound!’, as Yoda would say.

In music, this summer saw the release of Blur’s 8th studio album, The Magic Whip.  A welcome return from the boys, with an epic album that delivers a punch in the privates to all the plastic pop tarts and talent show drones out there.

We also saw the release of Cobain: Montage of Heck.  For me, Nirvana is irrefutable in their greatness, however, the sight and sound of Courtney Love never fails to produce a little sick in my mouth.  As a result, watching those home movies of her flashing tit at every opportunity was repulsive, and took the shine off an insightful commentary on a greatly missed artist (wow… that was a bit serious!).

On a lighter note, I also discovered The Ink Spots – a 1930’s old timey rhythm and blues quintet, who have never banged Courtney Slug, and are well worth a listen.

Marc Maron at the Southbank Centre was the only highlight from a comedy gig perspective this summer.  Marc was in rare form on the night, and reminded us all that smart, acerbic comedy is not something you find on a Micky Flanagan “live” DVD.  In fact, I’ve always been confused by the “live” disclaimer used on stand-up comedy DVD’s – seriously, what the hell else are they going to be?

So, that’s about it.  Winter is coming, and with it brings its own seasonal dose of fun and fireworks.  An evening with Stewart Lee, Halloween in Legoland, and if I can focus my sorry ass I might get some work on the novel done.

Paul Millard

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